Snowridge Country Cabin
145 Circle Drive
Brian Head, Utah

House Rules

  1. Please leave dishes, utensils, furnishings, etc. in the unit. A complete inventory is checked upon departure, and any items missing will be billed to you.
  2. The kitchen is the responsibility of the guest, please wash all dishes and remove all garbage. Garbage can be taken to the dumpster located at the front of the Mountain View Cafe.
  3. Firewood is stored under the outside deck. Do not leave fires unattended. Keep glass doors on the fireplace open fully and wire gates totally shut. Please check to see that all drafts are open before starting a fire.
  4. Please keep clothing, bedding, and furniture away from the baseboard heaters. This is especially important if small children are present since they have a tendency to leave toys and clothing in inappropriate areas. The heater in the loft is usually not necessary, but if used, the couch must be pulled away from the wall where the heater is located. Any furniture or bedding damaged will be charge to you.
  5. Please do not use any bubble bath or oil in the jacuzzi tub as it clogs the jets. When using the jacuzzi, do not put your head under the water since the intake pipe is strong and can entangle your hair. For this reason, never leave young children unattended while in use. Do not use any abrasives to clean the jacuzzi tub or the tub or shower upstairs.
  6. This cabin is on a septic tank system. Do not put any foreign materials down the drains including food scraps, feminine hygiene products, etc.
  7. Extra towels are located under the sink in the upstairs bathroom and in the brass storage box in the downstairs bathroom.
  8. At the end of your stay, please leave your bed unmade so that housekeeping will know which sheets need to be changed. Put all used towels in a garbage bag in the center of the room unless they are wet. In that case, please place them over the bath tub or over the towel racks to dry.
  9. Sorry, no pets allowed on the premises